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Fly Rod Holder / Transporter
(Pat. # 5446989) (Des. Pat. # 366091)

The "DelStang" Fly Rod Holder Transporter is designed to protect your rigged Fly Rod and Reel investment. Whether you spot cast to Bonito, run the rips for Stripers, or chase the Tarpon on the flats, the DelStang Fly Rod Holder will keep your Rod and Reel ready for instant action. Our design simplicity, using one of our various attachment devices, lends itself to easy mounting on your Boat, Car, Truck, Float, Personal Watercraft, or even your Bicycle!

The diagram to the left shows you how easy it is to insert your Fly Rod in our DelStang Fly Rod Holder / Transporter!

Our system of Racked Fly Rod Holders is ready for roof or center console mounting. Single or multiple Fly Rod Holders of up to four places are available in Starboard. Additional Rod Holders in vertical or horizontal positions are available. Vertical mounting of single Fly Rods can be spaced at various positions on any boat, keeping Fly Rods ready for instant action. Stainless Steel Brackets with Teak Rails adapt the DelStang Fly Rod Holder to popular European after-market Roof Racks or 7/8 inch Boat Rails.

You gain twice the functionality in the same space with our new "T-Mount". In addition, you gain added security for your investment by rotating your Fly Rod
and Reel (90 degrees) out of the flow of traffic.

Key Benefits are:
- Ready for Instant Action
- Protection of Investment in Rods and Reels
- Easy Mounting Option

Order Information



Item # 1FRHT-B $24.99
The "DelStang" Fly Rod Holder/Transporter
(color: black)



Item # 1FRHT-W $24.99
The "DelStang" Fly Rod Holder/Transporter
(color: white)



Item # 2RRH $74.99
2-Rod Combo



Item # 2RRH-T $79.99
T-Mount 2-Rod Combo



Item # 3RRH $99.99
3-Rod Combo





Item # 4RRH $129.99
4-Rod Combo




Item # FRHT-KIT $4.99
"DelStang" Refurbish Kit for Stainless or Original

Roof Rack & Rail Adaptor
Mounting Bracket Options

Please call for availability.

The roof rack and/or rail adaptors are virtually
the same thing. On a boat this allows you to mount our rod holders to your T-top or
grab rails.

On a car, truck, etc these brackets allow you to mount to your optional after market roof racks.

Our brackets come in the following sizes:

  • 0.875" Dia.
  • 1" Dia
  • 1.0625 Dia
  • 1.125" Dia
  • 1.250" Dia
  • We also have a rectangular bracket
    1.250" x 0.920"
Ordering Information
Item Description Suggested Retail Price
RRB-875 7/8" diameter
Mounting Bracket
RRB-1 1" diameter
Mounting Bracket
RRB-10625 1 & 1/16 " diameter
Mounting Bracket
RRB-1.125 1 & 1/8 " diameter
Mounting Bracket
RRB-1.25 1 & 1/4 " diameter
Mounting Bracket
RRB-1.25x0.92 1.25" x 0.92" rectangular
Mounting Bracket
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